In early December 2013, representatives of the prosecutor general’s office announced they had submitted a national anti-trafficking action plan that included a request for authority to appoint an anti-trafficking rapporteur to the Russian Security Council for approval. There were also reports that Russian authorities deported Nigerian and Kenyan sex trafficking victims in 2013 without any investigation into the crime, despite the victims’ fear of retribution in their home countries. Throughout the summer and fall of 2013, the Russian government also conducted sweeps of areas with migrant labor, rounded up thousands of migrants, and charged the migrants without screening for indicators of trafficking. They were also involved in recruiting children to fight for Iranian-led militias in Syria and forcing adults and children into the commercial sex trade. Organized crime syndicates from Russia were also involved in arranging trafficking. Although labor trafficking remains the predominant human trafficking problem within Russia, sex trafficking … The government also submitted to the Russian Security Council for approval a national anti-trafficking in persons action plan, which included a request for authority to appoint a trafficking rapporteur. Iranian officials often condoned crimes. Out of all these cases, only 38 traffickers received convictions as of 2013. Anton is one of 794,000 people living in conditions of modern slavery in the Russian Federation today. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the lead law enforcement agency in the majority of trafficking cases, conducted regular training during the reporting period designed to guide its officers in handling trafficking cases. Efforts to crack down on human trafficking in Russia focus not only on the men, women, and children who are illegally shipped out of Russia to undergo forced labor and sexual exploitation in other countries, but also those who are illegally brought into Russia from abroad. The trafficking is multidimensional and it involves both commercial sexual exploitation and labor exploitation. Here are 10 facts about human trafficking in Russia. Their definition of slavery includes forced prostitution, labor and marriage. The government took efforts to reduce the demand for commercial sex acts by newly criminalizing obtaining the sexual services of a minor aged 16 to 18 years old. By a trafficker. The government detained and deported hundreds of migrant workers, many of whom were vulnerable to human trafficking, without any reported efforts to identify them as trafficking victims. The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world, stretching from Europe to the Pacific, and is a massive landmass for the origin, transit and destination of women, men and children who are trafficked into forced labor. During the reporting period, the former chief of the Criminal Investigation Unit of a police precinct in the Chuvash Republic, who had provided protection to a trafficking ring, received two suspended sentences of eight years’ and four years’ imprisonment. Despite the current inaction of the Russian government in response to the human trafficking crisis, pressure from activists within the country and outside of it could help create substantial change. Routes, Organisers, and Human Trafficking Victims 23 1.2. At the close of the reporting period, neither the action plan nor the rapporteur were in place, and the Commonwealth of Independent States anti-trafficking plan remained the Government of Russia’s sole anti-trafficking plan, but has not yet been implemented. 25.Nov.2020 9:00 AM . Russia has one of the worst worldwide records in fighting forced labor and sex trafficking, according to an annual report from a U.S. government anti-trafficking agency. In Russia, where an estimated one million people are living in what’s known as modern slavery, the politicized nature of human trafficking is also evident but deployed differently, as the Russian government has made the task of assisting trafficking victims a political one. – The Huffington Post,, 10 Facts About Human Trafficking in Russia, Tag Archive for: 10 Facts About Human Trafficking in Russia, criminal cases against government officials. Previous promises of creating an interagency committee to address human trafficking were not fulfilled. Russia's national government demonstrated very limited efforts to prevent trafficking over the reporting period. At least, that’s how much Anton Pogorelov was sold for in 2015 when he became a slave in a brick factory in Dagestan. The Government of the Russ Currently, Russia is facing a human trafficking crisis and yet, it is doing little to prevent this issue and protect those human trafficking already affects. 1.1. 3 Statistics provided by Moscow police indicated that more than 70,000 victims of trafficking for prostitution are in Moscow, of which 80 per cent The government reportedly prosecuted at least 18 defendants in seven cases of sex trafficking and at least ten defendants in four cases of forced labor in 2013, compared with twenty-two sex trafficking prosecutions and ten labor trafficking prosecutions in 2012. Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. Human Rights Watch and other sources reported that Russian authorities rounded up many of these migrants, many of whom were vulnerable to human trafficking, for alleged status violations and detained or deported them without any reported efforts to identify them as trafficking victims. Amongst the most trusted sources for understanding the global situation is the research by the International Labour Organization (ILO)..