Your elemental may take aggro/damage when you use this, so not recommended to use. These enchants can now be rerolled or reset. The names in party window don't walk around. Will override other Endows and Aspersio. Those people are wrong. You really can't beat this shield with like anything tbh. - The World's Largest Patch Store! Monster Drop (Pom Spider/Sage in Biolabs), This used to be the best weapon for Psychic Wave, but now, 160 MATK, 3 INT, and 3 DEX. Change to Sage when you want. Some of these give 15% elemental reduction, some give 10%. SKU: 16610 Category: Specialty Headgears. Note that if the melee hit is like, super strong, it can break the safety wall in a single hit. This shield gives the most Neutral resist out of all of them, but again, needs to be refined. Subsequent casts will remove the current land effect. If you plan on using Temporal Boots of Dexterity [1], you will need at least 120 DEX. I keep hearing about these new damn weapons, but I cant find links to this? Level 6 is used to tame monsters. Inflict Wind Property damage to a target. Tera has survivability stuff, like DEF and HP. To target an ally, either use the party menu or shift-click on their sprite. Gives ATK/MATK. if refined is over 5 ,add MATK + 3%, if refined is over 7 , add additional 3%. Out of the 3 weapons, Boltijin kind of got shafted, but it's still the best weapon for, Monster Drop (Elite Buffalo Bandit M/Machete Buffalo Bandit), Are you a Death Note fan? Accessory (R): Illusion Battle Chip (R), Magical Intensifier Ring, Upper: Old Wind Whisper Can be enchanted with up to double 3% MATK, meaning up to 6% MATK on enchants which brings this entire accessory's MATK% up to 11. Many Sorcerer spells also use INT directly in its damage calculation, so having as much INT as you can is a good idea. I personally don't really like this one, but it'll give you a little bit of after-cast delay reduction and MaxSP. Allows autoattacking and moving while casting spells. This will make you cast significantly faster. Consume 3 Red Blood/6 Red Blood/1 Flame Heart to Summon Agni, the Elemental Spirit of Fire. Set Bonus Evil Bone Wand Skull Cap [1] Matk + 10 per upgrade level of Evil Bone Wand. Earth endow. Adjust based on what you're trying to survive. Alright I'm gonna be real, I suck at using this spell. So you can calculate exactly what level you need to oneshot Zombies to save SP. As long as you keep a sorc healed up (and they have at least 5 SP), your party should never be running out of SP. So if someone walks through your vacuum by clicking on a cell that isn't part of the AoE, they'll finish walking before they stop. Reduces damage from demihumans by an entire 10%, and you can Malangdo enchant it with DEX, INT, or MDEF, depending on your preference. Mine have Spell5/ASPD/Agi3(which I share with my Warlock) or Spell5/Magical Healing/Agi3(for PWave farming). Men/Womens Land-Ro-ver-Logo- Flat-Along Adjustable Hunting Cap Vintage Baseball Hats. Every 2 upgrades Reduces … Mid: Magical Booster, Black Devil's Mask, Black Frame Glasses, Monocle Very nice for the Neutral Resist. I know it sounds sad to use a knife on a mage class but bear with me here, Sorcerers are usually played as Supports in WoE/BG. Here's an example of how this works. You'll mostly be using level 1, to put your elemental in Passive Mode. Consume 1 Yellow Gemstone to remove buffs and debuffs from the target. That's like, the minimum requirement. Faster though. Does respectable damage while revealing hidden targets. Increases ASPD and ATK when equipped with a Book weapon. Armor: Int Soutane, Illusion Armor B-Type, Flattery Robe If you really wanna max out your SP for Soul Change but you don't care about cast time at all, for some reason. When you're at max level, it gives 380 MATK and 4 INT before calculating in the other refine bonuses. Max this to increase Striking Effectiveness and Diamond Dust damage. Halves the variable cast time of the next 5 skill casts. What about +1 every stat? Consume 10% of your own HP and SP to restore 10% of your Elemental's HP and SP. The unawakened version gives +1 allstat, +2 MDEF and +5 MATK/ATK, which is pretty good as well! Mid: Magical Booster, Black Devil's Mask, Black Frame Glasses, Monocle Nice for Spellfist builds, combo it with Double Cast. Danegeld Tankard Mug With Stainless Steel Insert Resin Skull Viking Coffee Beer Mugs Cup BEST Birthday Gift 600ml - Size as the show of pictuer,has 600ml(20 . Acc: Glorious Ring, Physical Enhancer Ring [Water Resist or All-Resist enchants], Magic Intensifier Ring [Water Resist or All-Resist enchants] [Phen Card, Poporing Card for Garro, Iara Card if you really want to cure frozen people in Nyso and your AB is sleeping mid-run]. The ATK is negligible. Removes Poison status effect on enemy. Higher Levels only increase duration of the SW/Pneuma, so I recommend only taking this at level 1, since the SW/Pneuma duration seems to already be higher than the normal skills. Weapon: Psychic Spear Rod, Shadow Staff, Illusion Staff of Bordeux, Mental Stick Headgear (Mid): 3D Glasses Remember that Sorcerer is mainly a support class, and you need to be alive to support your party members! If you cast an LP on a different Sorcerer's LP, the overlapping section will be removed. Remember tho use the Ring of Experience from the Job Changer when you're under level 100 before it expires.. This is usually used to remove skills like Defender, Reflect Shield, Hallucination Walk, Max Pain, and Agi Up (not a full list) so that your ally DPS can do damage better. Keep in mind that if you Soul Change someone with less than 10 SP, you're left with less than 5 SP. Higher levels give a larger pool of possible skills. Location: Glast Heim Hall. 6 months ago. Hi, I'm Ara, and welcome to my Sorcerer guide. That is to say, a perfect INT GSS at +9 or higher can give you 18 extra INT. You may want to ask your party's healer if you have one to heal you up. Doesn't give as much damage as Rainbow Scarf, but if you have one of these and no Rainbow Scarf, it's not bad either. Reduce damage taken at the cost of losing SP every time you are hit. Use this with Soul Exchange to charge your SP, then give SP to your allies. Either way, put your Skill Points into Basic Skill, then change your job to Magician. This skill is now disabled in WoE! If you wanna be tankier at the cost of some SP drain, make sure to keep Energy Coat on. Now how this skill works. At 174/127, talk to Devon Aire and ask to join the Arc Wand Clan for the extra stats. Notable things Aqua can do include Level 1 on Defensive Mode giving you a mini Devotion, and Level 2 on Passive gives additional Crystallization chance on, Consume 3 Wind of Verdue/6 Wind of Verdue/1 Rough Wind to Summon Ventus, the Elemental Spirit of Wind. Note to Self: Check following articles to add: This skill can only be cast during the cast time of a Bolt attack. I suppose this should be the best all-around 1-handed weapon for Sorcerer, if you don't want to invest in multiple weapons for different build. know I think this card gets outclassed by Marsh Arclouse unless you have under 120 INT. Ventus likes to increase ASPD and reduce Fixed Cast Time. Endows an ally's weapon with Wind Property. Fokus website database ini diperuntukan untuk idRO Server Renewal. Armor: Int Soutane, Illusion Armor B-Type, Flattery Robe In addition, you might want to LP over enemy pneumas so that your ranged DPS can hit them. 100 Total VIT will make you immune to Stun. Cancels a bolt skill mid-cast, and channels the damage into your next autoattacks. With these updates, it will help you create more exciting journeys, explore the game with its improvements, and get more items as you traverse in the world of Ragnarok! Nice when you're leveling, in case you want to stop a long cast, but usually unnecessary later on since everything is gonna be too fast for you to cancel anyway. For Spellfist builds, or if you're leveling by killing Water element mobs before you become a Sorcerer. MATK + 2%. You can use this to reveal a Doram using the Doram Hide (where they turn into a bush) and get rid of Silvervine Root Twist (the Doram root) by casting it under whoever's rooted. Thank you! If you don't know how to change your job, use @go 50 and talk to the Job Changer at 183/186. From iRO Wiki. :(. Increases MaxHP and DEF. Boots: Temporal Boots of Dexterity, Illusion Leg B-type At 0 SP, the next hit you take will cancel Energy Coat. Also, this is a Platinum Skill so it doesn't cost you points. This list of items is up to date as of [01/26/2018] (Currently updating [09/19/2020]) . [New] Anemos Mask (2,000 KP) [New] Skull Cap (5,000 KP) Doesn't work in instances. You wanna do damage? If someone makes use of a bug it will be given a sanction. LYIN Men Women Cool Sandwich Baseball Hat Trucker Dad Cap Adjustable Snapback Black. Thank you! Gives you a 10% chance to break a cast on an MVP monster, or 100% to break cast on a normal enemy.